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We built a website that captures CMW's brand and brings their products and technology to life. By educating users about dry ice basting, its applications and informed users of their products & services.

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CMW CO2 Technologies is India’s top dry-ice blaster manufacturer and service provider. Makes and sells dry ice, dry ice blasting equipment and offers dry ice cleaning services.


Frustrated by their slow and clunky site running on Wordpress, CMW wanted to craft a new Image of their brand. Increase awareness of them and their Products and services. As well as educate users about dry ice and dry ice blasting. 


To create a website that is a clean, strong and futuristic. One that takes the user on a journey, introducing and educating them about the brand, its services and technology

01 Custom CMS

Developed a custom CMS that is both easy to use & fast

Simple as that

02 Storytelling

To tell the story of a relatively boring concept of Dry Ice Cleaning in an engaging yet simple and straightforward manner



CMW Brand Guidelines

03 Brand Guidlines

Aesthetics that capture the clients Vision

CMW Design

A focus on sharp corners, clean lines & heaps of spacing thorughout help establish consistency, readability and breathability.

Amazingly fast Pagespeed using techinverted

With a large site with tons of content, page load times are usually a concern. CMW has a sub 1s page load

WhatsApp vs Chatbot

The decision to go with WhatsApp was calculated one. 

1. CMW stand apart from the competition thanks to its products and customer experience, and hence forwarding all communication directly to a representative helps them better tailor a solution for them. 

2. WhatsApp is the largest Messaging Platform in India and users trust it.

WhatsApp CMW

Readability offered by Frontend's designed by techinverted


Ability to switch between dark and light modes making the pages less jarring and readable.

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